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Speech by Consul General Mr. Zhang Jianxin at the Reception Marking the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-Pakistan Diplomatic Relations

Honorable Chief Minister Sayed Qaim Ali Shah,

Ministers of Government of Sindh,

Excellencies from the consular corps,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Aslam Alegum!

    Tonight we are with great pleasure gathering here in Bahria Auditorium to jointly celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Pakistan diplomatic relations. First let me extend warm welcome to all the guests present tonight.

    China and Pakistan are friendly neighbors linked by rivers and mountains. The friendship between our two countries has a long history.

    Over the past 60 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, China-Pakistan relationship has withstood the test of time and remains firm and constant despite change of international situation. China and Pakistan have enjoyed mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual trust and mutual support. We feel each other's pain and are proud of each other's achievements.

    Over the past 60 years, China and Pakistan have established all-weather friendship and conducted all-round cooperation.

    Today's China-Pakistan friendship has transformed into a strong strategic partnership, robust economic cooperation and ever closer people-to-people connections. Our relationship has become the model of countries that have different social systems but coexist in harmony and enjoy friendly cooperation.

    China-Pakistan strategic relationship is no accident. It is attributed to the care and support from the successive leaders and men of deep insights on both sides and the joint efforts of the governments and peoples of our two countries. As Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao put it during his visit to Pakistan last December, the friendship between China and Pakistan is deeply rooted in the hearts of the two peoples. It is in our blood, and has become noble and firm conviction. And it has been translated into real action.

    Here I wish to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks and respects to all the friends who have long been committed to the China-Pakistan friendship.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Pakistan is a great country with a long history and splendid culture, and has made important contributions in promoting regional peace and development. In recent years, the government and people of Pakistan have made unremitting efforts and scored remarkable achievements in the course of maintaining stability and achieving development. We are pleased to see all these, and believe that your country and your people will make greater success in future endeavors.

    The recent years have also witnessed remarkable achievements in development in China. China's economic strength, comprehensive national strength and living standards have all reached a new high. We are confident about the development path we have chosen and about our future. Nevertheless, China remains the largest developing country in the world. Population, resources and environment have put great pressure on our economic and social development, and there is lack of adequate balance, coordination or sustainability in our development. China has a long way to go before it can achieve modernization.

    This year marks the beginning of the implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan for China's economic and social development and a critical juncture in the course of China's peaceful development. In the next five years, we will pursue scientific development, focus on faster transformation of economic development pattern, accelerate economic restructuring, step up innovation, conserve energy, reduce emission, broaden mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries, and explore new frontiers of opening-up.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    60 years is interpreted as a cycle in Chinese culture which means everything reaches a new phase and takes on a new look. We are at a new starting point, facing new opportunities to take our relations forward.

    It is a firm policy for the Chinese government to further cement the strategic partnership of cooperation with Pakistan. China will always be good neighbor, good friend, good partner and good brother of Pakistan. China, while developing its own economy, will continue to play an active part in Pakistan's economic and social development towards a better future.

    Let's continue to work together, under the new circumstances, to further deepen and expand pragmatic cooperation in all fields and diversify common interests so as to create new dimensions for our all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation and translate our friendship into tangible benefits for both peoples of our two countries.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    2011 is the "Year of China-Pakistan Friendship". Accordingly, our two sides are holding a series of activities, including today's event, to celebrate our friendship. These celebrations will undoubtedly inject new vigor and vitality to our traditional friendship.

    We are very happy today to have a delegation from Xin Jiang, with the task of launching China-Eurasia Expo.  A "Charms in Xin Jiang" photos show is going on at the same time outside this auditorium. Beaming with joy, the artists of Xin Jinag will present us a wonderful performance tonight. I hope everybody will enjoy it.

    Long live China-Pakistan friendship! Chin-Pak dosti zindabad! May I wish in the end Pakistan prosperity and its people happiness.

    Thank you. Shugria.

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