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Notification on Nucleic Acid Testing Certificate & Health Declaration Form Required for Foreign Passengers from Sindh and Baluchistan Inbound to China from Pakistan

According to "Notice on Regulations of Boarding with Negative Nucleic Acid Test Certificate for COVID-19 for Passengers Traveling from Pakistan to China", the foreign passengers from Consular district of the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi (Sindh and Baluchistan) are kindly requested to follow the relevant measures.

1.All foreign passengers from Sindh and Baluchistan are required to contact the following institutions designated by Consulate General of China in Karachi for nucleic acid test.

 1.1. Advanced Lab(pvt) Ltd.

 --The applicant is required to make an appointment at least 1 day in advance.

 --The testing cost is around Rs. 6500/ per person.

 --Door-to-door Covid-19 testing service is available, which costs around Rs. 2000 for extra charge / per person.

 --Contact number: 03011007784/ 03310224700/03310224 700/02134801258.

 --Address: Main gulshan branch-B-31,Block 15, off university road, Karachi.

 1.2. Children's Hospital Karachi

 --Prior appointment is not needed. Door-to-door Covid-19 testing service is available.

 --The testing cost is around Rs. 7800/ per person.Door-to-door Covid-19 testing service costs around Rs. 1000 for extra charge / per person.

 --Contact number:03333687468/03130006633/03321303350

 --Address: Street 2/2, Block 5, Near Gulshan Chorangi, Gulshan-E-Iqbal Karachi.

1.3. Chughtai Lab.

--Prior appointment is not needed. Door-to-door Covid-19 testing service is not available .

--The testing cost is around Rs. 7900/ per person.

--Contact number: 03403334951/03467698961.

--Address: Al-Khaleej Tower, Main Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Bihar Muslim cop, Housing Society BMCHS ,Sharafabad, Karachi.

2. Full name, passport number, flight number, local Pakistani telephone number and email address of passengers are needed by testing institutions.The test report shall include full name, passport number, flight number. Otherwise, the Health Declaration Form will not be granted.

3. It is requested that all foreign passengers from Sindh and Baluchistan inbound to China from Pakistani airports shall follow relative laws and regulations and provide genuine and effective Nucleic Acid Test Certificate and Health Declaration Form. Those who board with fake certificates shall take legal responsibility accordingly.

Attachment 1: Test report sample of Advanced Lab(pvt) Ltd

Attachment 2: Test report sample of Children's Hospital Karachi

Attachment 3: Test report sample of Chughtai Lab.

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